Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tips to Do Pregnant Belly Bump Painting

By Lilly Walters Schermerhorn, Pregnant Belly Artist and Face Painter

Belly painting is a celebration of your pregnancy! A wonderful addition to your baby book, or portraits for your nursery.


Many think they will paint their tummies with a craft paint, something that says CHILD SAFE and NON-TOXIC. No! Those non-toxic paints will not kill you if you eat them (according to the manufacturers), but they are not meant to be used on the skin. They can cause blisters and rashes. Saying "paint" is a misnomer. Make-up used to be called paint, as in "painted ladies."

Only use cosmetic grade products created for use on the skin. Products that specifically say they are 'make-up' or 'face paint.' Face 'paint' is actually make-up, using the term 'paint' in the old sense.

The design that might be the most fun is to allow your husband and/or children to dip their hands into a liquid face paint, and put their hands all over your baby bump. Or, to do finger painting.

You can also let your friends try a few things during a baby shower. Give everyone a brush, and let them have at it.

Professional artists can do a bit more. Let your belly bump artist know what you love: butterflies, lady bugs, flowers, baseball, teddy bears? The artist can then create something to match your style.

Even if you let your friends paint you, you can help their creativity by downloading cartoons form the internet of things you enjoy in your life.

There all kinds of techniques and tools to do your own painting in these face painting books.

Make sure you have a comfortable place to sit. The painting process can take 30 minutes, more if your friends do it. Be in charge, move and rest as needed.
See photos of pregnant belly painting at:

Make a wonderful memory for your baby book! Let me paint the baby to be at your Baby Shower. Prenatal Art for the Expectant Mommy is wonderful, unique fun. Afterwards, I will do extreme face painting glamour on all of your guests.

We will match your theme.

Or, you can come to my studio! (see prices)



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