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Moms Face Painting at Kid's Parties

Face painting can be the MOST fun activity of all. It can be pricey to bring a pro in. I know, I am a professional face painter :) The truth is, it is not that hard to do it yourself.

Here are a few tips to make sure your experience, and theirs, is FUN and SAFE.

> Pull a few easy designs from face painting books. There are several inexpensive ones online. Make up a chart with just 9, or so, easy faces you know you can pull off. Practice before the party on paper, so you feel comfortable. If you really are having trouble with a design, just don't put it on your chart! Insist the children choose from the ideas on your chart.

> Use cosmetic paints, products specific to be used on faces and skin. Your craft paints say, “Safe and non-toxic.” That only means you can eat it and not die, but you cannot put it on your skin! Get face paints and powders that specifically say they are to be used on the skin. You can even use make-up, for instance eye shadows with vibrant colors and colored liquid eye liners. Stay away from the cheap face paints that only come out at Halloween. They are often in trouble and have recalls.

> Use only cosmetic grade glitters, those found in the make-up section of the store, not the craft section.

> Have a few packages of antibacterial wipes (meant for the skin like Wet Ones!), and ask parents to help you clean their faces before they get to you. It goes a long way to helping with germs.
> Clean your hands after each person so you don't spread germs. You can use antibacterial wipes (meant for the skin like Wet Ones) or sanitizing gel.
> Put a few drops of plain vinegar in the water you use to dip your brushes in to help sanitze them as you paint.

> If you touch the eyes or lips, use cotton swabs. Load them heavily in the paint, then start to work. Do NOT touch the paint again once you touch the child's skin. That is how to transfer germs.

> Do not clean the paint off with baby wipes!!! Wipes are not meant to pull heavy make-up off skin. In fact, rubbing the paint with the wipe pushes the paint deeper into the skin. Soon, the poor child has a rash and the parent thinks it is because of the paint. But, it is because of all the scrubbing the parent did with the wrong clean-up tool. Instead, use soap and running water, a shower is best and will take it right off. Then, if there are tiny bits left, use anything you use to take our own make-up off, like Ponds. Also, baby oil or olive oil on toilet paper or a cotton ball.

I am happy to help you with tips if you need advice :)

Most of these face painting tips and ideas were pulled from

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  1. Hi Lily,

    Excellent resource here! I hope you continue to blog in 2010. I would love for the face painting community to embrace technology in 2010 so we can support each other! Your books sold like hot cakes at the 2010 Kapital Kidvention at the Silly Farm booth. I'm looking forward to them!