Saturday, June 18, 2011

Face and Body Art International Convention

Well! Another FABAIC convention under my belt. At FABAIC (In Orlando), 500 artists, vendors and models come together to play, learn and be inspired.

So far they have asked me to come teach for the past two years. A feather in my cap, as newer artists, like me, don't normally get asked to teach this early in our journey's along the face painting line.

It has been a good year for me, I have been asked to teach at many of the neat conventions. It has taught me a few things about myself. One, I love to teach, and I am pretty good at it. Two, I don't play well with others!

I am a very organized teacher. I need LOTS of structure, well in advance. If I don't get that, I am very cranky. Some of the events I have gone too don't give me that. Luckily, FABAIC does.

My only real complaint (about an event that has a zillion good things to say about it), is that it did not have name tags. I had no idea how badly that would effect me. I have found that I have a tiny bit of fame now. So many people came up to me and said, "Lilly! Remember me?" Well, I might have, if they had a name badge! And when I did not remember them, I could see it hurt them, and embarrassed me. It threw me into such a tail spin, I would not have accepted an invitation to return next year, if they had asked me then.

BUT!! If you are a face or body painter, you must go. It is the MUST GO TO EVENT for you!

My favorite thing was doing the jams at night. I love to paint. And, to do it around people who were my 'fans' was exhilarating!!! Here are a few things I painted.