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Tips to Do Pregnant Belly Bump Painting

By Lilly Walters Schermerhorn, Pregnant Belly Artist and Face Painter

Belly painting is a celebration of your pregnancy! A wonderful addition to your baby book, or portraits for your nursery.


Many think they will paint their tummies with a craft paint, something that says CHILD SAFE and NON-TOXIC. No! Those non-toxic paints will not kill you if you eat them (according to the manufacturers), but they are not meant to be used on the skin. They can cause blisters and rashes. Saying "paint" is a misnomer. Make-up used to be called paint, as in "painted ladies."

Only use cosmetic grade products created for use on the skin. Products that specifically say they are 'make-up' or 'face paint.' Face 'paint' is actually make-up, using the term 'paint' in the old sense.

The design that might be the most fun is to allow your husband and/or children to dip their hands into a liquid face paint, and put their hands all over your baby bump. Or, to do finger painting.

You can also let your friends try a few things during a baby shower. Give everyone a brush, and let them have at it.

Professional artists can do a bit more. Let your belly bump artist know what you love: butterflies, lady bugs, flowers, baseball, teddy bears? The artist can then create something to match your style.

Even if you let your friends paint you, you can help their creativity by downloading cartoons form the internet of things you enjoy in your life.

There all kinds of techniques and tools to do your own painting in these face painting books.

Make sure you have a comfortable place to sit. The painting process can take 30 minutes, more if your friends do it. Be in charge, move and rest as needed.
See photos of pregnant belly painting at:

Make a wonderful memory for your baby book! Let me paint the baby to be at your Baby Shower. Prenatal Art for the Expectant Mommy is wonderful, unique fun. Afterwards, I will do extreme face painting glamour on all of your guests.

We will match your theme.

Or, you can come to my studio! (see prices)


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moms Face Painting at Kid's Parties

Face painting can be the MOST fun activity of all. It can be pricey to bring a pro in. I know, I am a professional face painter :) The truth is, it is not that hard to do it yourself.

Here are a few tips to make sure your experience, and theirs, is FUN and SAFE.

> Pull a few easy designs from face painting books. There are several inexpensive ones online. Make up a chart with just 9, or so, easy faces you know you can pull off. Practice before the party on paper, so you feel comfortable. If you really are having trouble with a design, just don't put it on your chart! Insist the children choose from the ideas on your chart.

> Use cosmetic paints, products specific to be used on faces and skin. Your craft paints say, “Safe and non-toxic.” That only means you can eat it and not die, but you cannot put it on your skin! Get face paints and powders that specifically say they are to be used on the skin. You can even use make-up, for instance eye shadows with vibrant colors and colored liquid eye liners. Stay away from the cheap face paints that only come out at Halloween. They are often in trouble and have recalls.

> Use only cosmetic grade glitters, those found in the make-up section of the store, not the craft section.

> Have a few packages of antibacterial wipes (meant for the skin like Wet Ones!), and ask parents to help you clean their faces before they get to you. It goes a long way to helping with germs.
> Clean your hands after each person so you don't spread germs. You can use antibacterial wipes (meant for the skin like Wet Ones) or sanitizing gel.
> Put a few drops of plain vinegar in the water you use to dip your brushes in to help sanitze them as you paint.

> If you touch the eyes or lips, use cotton swabs. Load them heavily in the paint, then start to work. Do NOT touch the paint again once you touch the child's skin. That is how to transfer germs.

> Do not clean the paint off with baby wipes!!! Wipes are not meant to pull heavy make-up off skin. In fact, rubbing the paint with the wipe pushes the paint deeper into the skin. Soon, the poor child has a rash and the parent thinks it is because of the paint. But, it is because of all the scrubbing the parent did with the wrong clean-up tool. Instead, use soap and running water, a shower is best and will take it right off. Then, if there are tiny bits left, use anything you use to take our own make-up off, like Ponds. Also, baby oil or olive oil on toilet paper or a cotton ball.

I am happy to help you with tips if you need advice :)

Most of these face painting tips and ideas were pulled from

- Lilly Walters, 909-398-1228
Henna Tattoo Artist, Face and Pregnant Belly Painter

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Henna Tattoos!

As a face painter I took a henna tattoo class to help my face painting. Well, it did not help my painting, but I fell in love with it!  What great fun and peace.  That is my work on the left.  The art in ancient, and full of history, religion and love.

I helping to bring the Devine Neeta Sharma is coming down to give an intermediate - pushing into advanced - henna workshop on March 15m 2010! Only $75! From 11 am - 5pm, followed by a jam to 9 pm!

She have been doing henna designing for almost 20 years. She has promoted the art in India, Australia, Canada, and now in California USA. She specializes in Bridal Mehndi, Arabic, Indian traditional, tattoo design and glitter henna. She is the author of three books: The Art of Henna Designing and More about the Art of Henna/Mehendi and Sangeet-Mehendi Patterns for Wedding Guests.

If you are interested, email her at
Location is at the Panda Garden Restaurant, Montclair, California.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cavemen, Face Paints and Glittter Bling!

For thousands of years people have loved the idea of using something on their face or body to make a statement of love, war, joy, or to just enhance their beauty. We know that cosmetics were used by the Ancient Egyptians around 4000 BC. In the Old Testament— Ezekiel 23:40 it says, “… and when they arrived you bathed yourself for them, painted your eyes and put on your jewelry.”
Turns out it goes back much farther!
Scientists have found shells in two archaeological sites in the Murcia, a province of southern Spain, containing pigment residues. They feel these were actually Neanderthal make-up containers for face and body painting. They were found by Professor Joao Zilhao who reports were used to mix and preserve pigments. They found lumps of yellow paint, which may have been used as foundation, and red powder, which may have been applied as blush.
And guess what else was on those shells?

According to Professor Zilhao, "Glitter makeup, or shimmer makeup ... where you, over a foundation, you add shiny bits of something granular that shines and reflects. When light would shine on you, you'd reflect."

The findings were reported at proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The shells date from about 50,000 years ago, 10,000 years before modern humans showed up in Europe where it is thought they got "smarter." The scientists said its finding should make us doubt "the view of Neanderthals as half-wits" and shows they were capable of symbolic thinking.

Symbolic thinking is a process of imagining something, a meaning, from symbols. It is often archaeologically linked to painting of many types. For instance Ochre-painted bones were unearthed in one of the caves in Israel dating back 100,000 years. The link to painting led archaeologists to date the actual birth of symbolic thinking to at least 100,000 years.

Fun know that as face and body painters we are symbols of creative thinking that go back a very long time!

For more on this professional face painter's tips on face and body painting and face painting class

Marketing Tips for Face Painters, and Family Entertainers

I have written several books on marketing ideas.  One is just for family entertainers: "500 Tips & Tidbits to Boost Your Income! Inexpensive Rainmaking Ideas in Dry Times For Family Entertainers:  Face Painters, Clowns, Magicians and More."

This book is a selection of ideas that have been proven to grow the businesses of family entertainers. I have them in quick, simple short tidbit paragraphs. The sort of notes I take when I am sitting in a seminar, gathering great ideas. When I hear something good, I make a few quick notes, knowing it will expand in my mind later with applications specific to my life. These tidbits are those expanded ideas.
I have sorted those ideas into categories and numbered them out one at time! Like this …

1. It is better to do something for nothing, than nothing for nothing. Do not sit around and wait for customers to call. Fill each day with doing something to move your business into the public’s eye!

2. Start with what you are passionate about and love to do.

3. There are too many ideas in this book to act on all of them. Grab those that ignite a spark in you. Those are the ideas that will add the most important aspect in making ideas work – DRIVE. Will they work for you? Not if the idea that does not get you excited and inspired. As you go through the hundreds of income generating ideas here, avoid the insanity. Focus only on those few that match you. Your passions, your abilities, and your expertise.

4. On the other hand, some seemingly uninspiring ideas might seem ridiculous - until you try them and see them work.

5. Keep a pad of paper close to you as you read the tips and tidbits in this book. Many more – better and perfect for you – will be born as you read. An idea here will inspire another.
7. Throughout the book I refer to all family entertainers as performers or entertainers. As a face painter, or balloon artist, you might not feel you are a performer, but rather an artist who is perhaps entertaining. Magicians and clowns, now they perform. To increase your income, change your mind set. The minute you hand out a business card, you are performing. That doesn’t mean a fake facade. It does mean you are alert and alive to all the caring, loving ways you can bring laughter and awe to a crowd.


Keep coming back to this blog. I will post more ideas soon!

- Lilly Walters, 909-398-1228

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Inexpensive Rainmaking Ideas in Dry Times. Marketing Tips For Family Entertainers:
Face Painters, Clowns, Magicians & More
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Paint Cement Patios to Look Like Cobblestones

Monday, January 11, 2010

Face Painting Classes and Workshop

Well, life is very good for the first few days of 2010.   I have two Introduction to Face Painting Classes coming up, which I LOVE to teach. See

I will be at two of the largest conventions for Face and Body Painting in the USA this year.