Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Marketing Tips for Face Painters, and Family Entertainers

I have written several books on marketing ideas.  One is just for family entertainers: "500 Tips & Tidbits to Boost Your Income! Inexpensive Rainmaking Ideas in Dry Times For Family Entertainers:  Face Painters, Clowns, Magicians and More."

This book is a selection of ideas that have been proven to grow the businesses of family entertainers. I have them in quick, simple short tidbit paragraphs. The sort of notes I take when I am sitting in a seminar, gathering great ideas. When I hear something good, I make a few quick notes, knowing it will expand in my mind later with applications specific to my life. These tidbits are those expanded ideas.
I have sorted those ideas into categories and numbered them out one at time! Like this …

1. It is better to do something for nothing, than nothing for nothing. Do not sit around and wait for customers to call. Fill each day with doing something to move your business into the public’s eye!

2. Start with what you are passionate about and love to do.

3. There are too many ideas in this book to act on all of them. Grab those that ignite a spark in you. Those are the ideas that will add the most important aspect in making ideas work – DRIVE. Will they work for you? Not if the idea that does not get you excited and inspired. As you go through the hundreds of income generating ideas here, avoid the insanity. Focus only on those few that match you. Your passions, your abilities, and your expertise.

4. On the other hand, some seemingly uninspiring ideas might seem ridiculous - until you try them and see them work.

5. Keep a pad of paper close to you as you read the tips and tidbits in this book. Many more – better and perfect for you – will be born as you read. An idea here will inspire another.
7. Throughout the book I refer to all family entertainers as performers or entertainers. As a face painter, or balloon artist, you might not feel you are a performer, but rather an artist who is perhaps entertaining. Magicians and clowns, now they perform. To increase your income, change your mind set. The minute you hand out a business card, you are performing. That doesn’t mean a fake facade. It does mean you are alert and alive to all the caring, loving ways you can bring laughter and awe to a crowd.


Keep coming back to this blog. I will post more ideas soon!

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Face Painters, Clowns, Magicians & More
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