Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What A Wonderful Face Painting World

I am sitting here tonight hmmming, "What A Wonderful World." I've so much that is making me feel fulfilled, happy, and successful. This blog entry is a bit rambling and mushy, but, hey, it's my blog. I'm feeling so happy and blessed, and I want to share :)

I love my life now. There were many years where I was so depressed that my head felt so heavy it would just about be laying on my desk.

But now, life is good. God has blessed me in some amazing ways. I have so much to be grateful for and happy about. My husband, my home, Jim Abbott and this world of face painting.

Everything I have tried in this face painting world has worked without a struggle, unlike many things I have tried in the past. I put up a website to see if anyone would want to hire me as a face painter - and my phone started ringing away. I decided to teach a few face painting classes - now I teach at least one a month and they're actually filled! I wrote a few books and my personal heroes in this face painting world actually like them and sell them! (Marcela Murad and Heather Banks).

The latest book is doing well: 3-D Face and Body Painting Jewels and Necklaces. Silly Farm, THE face painting supplier in the world is doing a "splash" on it. Talk about an ego boost.  This photo is of my mother-in-law who came out for a month and got painted daily!

I have been asked to teach a class at FABAIC - the largest face painting event in America. This is huge! To be asked to teach there so early on in my face painting life is, well, HUGE.

In this world I am able to combine bits of so many things I love: theater, marketing, teaching, art and children. I can run my business from my home while wearing my PJ's! I no longer need custom silk suits, my Levi's and wild crazy tops and just perfect. What a different place my closet is these days.

This all feels so good and right. Sure, there a few icky people that bring clouds of grey whenever they come around. But, they don't come around much!

Most important, I have made friends that feel like family. When I need to laugh - or cry - I have people to go to.

Thank you God. It's a wonderful world :)


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  2. I loved your blog. How encouraging! God is good! I started my face painting business a year ago in Michigan when my husband and I both lost our jobs. I struggled because the market was flooded in Michigan and the economy was poor. I couldn't even get anyone to look at my work to give me a chance.

    I just moved to Arkansas 4 months ago and opportunities are opening all over the place. My calendar isn't full more than a month in advance, but it's still amazing to me to see it happen. I've been scouted out by a couple of agencies who like what they see and want to hire me for events - it's awesome!

    I haven't been able to afford getting your "full" books yet (I'm not financially sound yet), but I've learned SO much by reading your first 10 pages that you put out for us to sample. Those books are high on my list to buy.

    Anyway . . . I just felt compelled to share and and say an additional "thank you, God!"