Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Face and Body Painting in Austratia

I am on my way to FABAIC, the Face and Body Art International Convention, in Orlando, Florida! I have even been asked to teach, which is just amazing as the best artists from around the world will be there! I am pretty sure they asked me to teach, just to be nice, because the other teachers are FANTASTIC!

Several instructors are coming from Australia, where they just had the Australian Body Art Carnivale 2010 in Eumundi. There are 72 photos of that event at: Article and photos of face and body painting in Australia

One of my favorite artists, Lynne Jamison, is coming from OZ. I even get to be her assitant for one class! I believe I am mainly holding her paint brush while she teaches, but I am looking forward to it :))

I will post photos as soon as I get home.

My poor husband will not doubt have 5 pizza boxes on the kitchen counter when I get back!

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